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A/N I cannot believe it's been so long since I posted a chapter of this story. I'm so sorry. But it's done now! And this chapter had such an awesome, helpful, patient beta/cheerleader, [ profile] wowbright. Thank you so much! I hope everyone likes it! Here are the previous chapters, so you can refresh your memory:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Rating: NC17
Spoilers: All of season 2, to be safe? (Totally ignores season 3 canon)
Word count: ~4000
Pairing: Kurt/Dave, Kurt/Blaine
Written for the following prompt: Kurt and Dave run into each other at college and Kurt starts being casually dominant toward him and giving him orders. Dave really likes it.
Warnings: Smut, language, BDSM, consensual non-monogamy
Posted to kurt_blaine and gleedsm

Blaine got home in the evening, threw his bag in the corner, and went to the bedroom, unbuttoning his cardigan as he went. The bedroom door was closed for some reason, which was unusual, but he didn’t think anything of it. He turned the handle and pushed the door open, then stopped in his tracks with his jaw hanging open.

Dave was lying diagonally across the bed, with both wrists bound together with rope and tied to one corner of the bed frame. The rope had been tied with a safety knot, the loose end hanging near his hands, and he was completely naked. (Wow. That’s what Dave looks like naked. Holy shit.) He had a ridiculous wide-eyed, raised-eyebrow look of shocked humiliation on his face, and he was really rather bulky and hairy.

Blaine closed and reopened his mouth a few times, then asked “Are you ok?”

Dave nodded and went “Mm hm,” and that’s when it occurred to Blaine that Dave couldn’t talk because he was gagged.

Blaine walked over to the bed and unbuckled the ball gag, and carefully removed it from Dave’s mouth. He tried again. “This is all good and consensual, right?”

Dave said “Yeah. It’s - I’m good.” He laughed awkwardly. He had saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth.

“Where’s Kurt?”

“He went to the store, like -” Dave twisted his head to get a look at the clock. “Twenty minutes ago?”

“When is he coming back?”

“I have no idea. That’s... sort of part of it.”

Blaine nodded and looked Dave over, then realized he was looking him over and refocused on his face. “And you’re ok if I leave you here? Do you need anything?”

“Actually...” Dave blushed an even darker red and cringed. “Um. I shouldn’t really ask you for this, but it’s just I don’t know when Kurt is getting back and it’s getting really uncomfortable...”

“What do you need?”

Dave shifted and pulled at the ropes a bit. “Do you think... Could you maybe...” He closed his eyes. “Take the cock ring off?”

Blaine guffawed ungracefully. “Uh. That’s -” He blushed. “Sure.” He stared at Dave’s cock for a moment. It was big and solid and purplish, lying flat against Dave’s belly, and it had a stretchy turquoise ring around the base. He hesitated before actually reaching out and touching it. It twitched.

The cock ring didn’t have any clasps or anything. It was just a closed circle, all the way around. Blaine used both hands to stretch it as much as possible and slide it jerkily up Dave’s (actually kind of impressive) cock. He got his fingers damp with precome in the process.

Once it was off, Dave hissed and squirmed some more. “Fuck.” Blaine winced in sympathy. It had to be really sensitive. “Thanks.”

Blaine laughed. “It’s ok.” He put the cock ring on the bed and wiped his fingers on the sheets. “Um. Should I put your gag back in?”

“Yes please.” Blaine picked up the ball gag, but before he could put it in place, Dave said “Thank you. Sorry for... I mean. Thanks a lot.”

“No problem.” Blaine grinned. He eased the ball between Dave’s teeth, pulled the strap around Dave’s head, and rebuckled the clasp. “Good?”

“Mm hm.” Dave nodded.

“Ok, well. Have fun.” Blaine laughed awkwardly again. He decided his cardigan didn’t need to be hung up right away after all. He tore his eyes away from all the nudity, left the room, and closed the door.


Blaine had been reading curled up on the couch for only a few minutes when Kurt got home, saw him, and gasped. “Shit, I meant to get home before you.”

Blaine laughed and put his book down on the end table. “Lovely to see you too. How was your day?”

Kurt giggled his way over to the couch and leaned down for a kiss. “Good. Did you find Dave?” He plopped down next to Blaine and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

“I did. He was kind of hard to miss.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Shame on you,” Blaine deadpanned. “I’m scarred for life.”

“Oh, pffft. Don’t make fun of me. I really was going to be here to warn you.”

“It’s not a big deal. Actually it was kind of cool seeing what you guys get up to.”

“How did it go anyway? I see that you’re not dead from humiliation.”

“No, but Dave might be,” Blaine laughed. “Um. I kind of... helped him out, a little. We didn’t know you’d be back so soon.”

“Helped him out how?”

“I kind of took off the cock ring. I’m sorry. Did I ruin everything?”

“No...” Kurt tilted his head thoughtfully. “No, that’s good. I can punish him for that.”

Blaine grinned. “You’re really getting into this whole dom thing, huh?”

Kurt raised his chin haughtily. “It’s like it’s the role I was born to play.”

Blaine laughed.

“Wait. Oh my god. You took off the cock ring.”

“Yeaaah, I totally touched your other boyfriend’s dick.”

“Oh my god, shut up.” Kurt covered his face with his hand. “How was it?”


Kurt thwapped Blaine on the leg. He blushed and shook his head.

Blaine kissed his cheek. “Not that I don’t love hanging out with you, but you have a naked man tied up in the bedroom; you should probably go check on him.”

Kurt grinned. “See you in about an hour for supper?”

“I’ll start some soup. That way it can just sit on the stove if you’re late.”

“Ok. Love you.”

They kissed again, and Kurt skipped off to the bedroom.


Blaine was in the kitchen chopping vegetables when he heard the bedroom door open. The slow, careful steps across the living room carpet didn’t sound at all like Kurt. He turned around when he heard the tentative clearing of a throat, and saw Dave peeking around the corner, hiding his body behind the wall.

“Uh. Kurt’s making me walk through your apartment naked.”

Blaine grinned. “By all means. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” He snickered, and went back to chopping.

He listened to Dave stay right where he was for a moment. “Um. I’m supposed to get him some water.”

“Glasses are on the right.” Blaine pointed to a high cupboard.

“Right. Ok.” Dave took a deep breath, then stepped into the kitchen. Blaine peaked at him sidelong as his whole body stretched and became taut as he reached up for a glass. Apparently taking off the cock ring hadn’t ruined anything because Dave’s erection looked just as big and hard as it had before.

Blaine’s skin got hot all over. He had been this close to a total of two completely nude men in his life, and those two men were now in his apartment. He focused on the carrots in front of him and pretended not to notice when Dave stood right next to him to fill the glass at the sink.

“You’re ok with everything, right?”

Blaine laughed. “I’m definitely ok with everything.” He kept his eyes on the cutting board, so as not to seem creepy.

“I mean, you didn’t know I’d be here today. You just walked right in.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t really have any warning. From now on, if the door is closed, I’ll stay out of the bedroom.”

“No, that’s... Whatever, it’s your house.”

“But I invaded your privacy.”

“Dude, look at me.” Blaine did. Dave was blushing, grinning, and facing Blaine now, holding the glass in one hand and gesturing at his body with the other. “Not having privacy is part of the fun.”

Blaine laughed. “So, if you don’t have a problem, and I don’t have a problem -”

“Do you really not though? I wasn’t sure if you even liked me...”

Blaine turned his head, squinting, considering. “Ok, if we’re being honest... You were a dick in high school.”

Dave nodded and dropped his head.

“But you’re not now, and... Kurt’s the one that put up with all your shit, and he’s forgiven you, years ago, and he likes you. He gets so excited about being with you. I never thought that would happen, and I never thought I’d be ok with it, but... I mean, I might worry more if you were the one tying him up...”

“Yeah, I don’t think he’d go for that.” Dave grinned.

“We tried it once. It did not go well.”

“I can’t even picture that.”

“Word to the wise: rope burns on Kurt’s skin? Not ok.”

Dave cracked up laughing. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Blaine couldn’t stop chuckling as he threw the pile of diced carrots into the pot. “Better not keep him waiting.”

“Yeah.” Dave turned to head back to the bedroom, smiling brightly. “Thanks Blaine.”

Blaine watched him go. “My pleasure.”


When the soup was all prepared, bubbling away on the stove, Blaine went back to the couch, but he found he couldn’t concentrate on reading because of the noises coming from the bedroom. Every few seconds there was the sharp crack of Kurt’s hand on Dave’s skin, followed by a sound from Dave: a high whimper, or a low grunt, or sometimes a drawn out moan. It was involuntary, visceral, and it shot straight through Blaine’s body, setting all his nerves on fire.

The constant soft murmur of Kurt’s reassuring voice came through the door as well. It took Blaine a few moments to realize he was listening intently, trying to make out some words, trying to picture the look on Dave’s face with each new pained, desperate noise. He shifted on the couch, trying to lessen the discomfort of his erection straining against his pants.

He put down his book. He had plenty of time before Kurt had said they’d be done. No one would find out. He stroked himself a little through his jeans, panting as quietly as he could, straining his ears to catch every slap and every eager groan.

The slapping sounds stopped, and somehow that made it even hotter, because Dave kept moaning out loud, as if Kurt was doing something incredible and sensual to his body, something quiet and slow. And then Dave cried out “No don’t stop!” and Blaine couldn’t resist anymore. He unzipped his jeans, pulled them open, and wrapped his hand around his cock just as Dave was groaning out a lusty sound that broke into a surprised wail at the end.

Blaine stroked himself at a furious pace as he imagined what that wail could mean. Kurt had just turned a vibrator from zero to ten without warning, or slammed his cock inside too fast but just right, or squeezed a nipple clamp shut and pulled it hard, delivering such delicious torture.

He closed his eyes and breathed a deep sigh, listening to the muffled sound of Kurt and Dave’s soft voices. Negotiating the next part of the scene maybe. He slid his hand up and down his cock, gripping hard but moving less urgently, and leaned back a bit to rest his head on the back of the couch. He tingled all over with lust and desire, and a little bit of guilt.

His head shot up when the bedroom door opened. He gaped, wide-eyed and red-faced, at Dave standing naked in the doorway. His hand, holding still on his pulsing cock, was doing nothing to hide his situation. He felt a bead of precome drip down the skin of his knuckles.

Dave laughed and turned back toward the bedroom. “Um. I don’t think I should -”

Kurt’s voice came clearly through the open doorway. “I don’t have all day, David.”

Dave faced Blaine again, smirking. “Uh, I’m supposed to double check that it’s ok...”

Blaine opened and closed his mouth a few times, and wished to be swallowed up into the floor. “You know it is. I told you it is.”

“For Kurt to fuck me though? I mean...”

Blaine’s cock twitched and his breath squeezed out of him in a rush. “Yeah. Yes. He can - do that. Yes.”

Dave laughed. “Is there anything that’s not allowed?”

Blaine started to shake his head. Then he actually registered the question and tried to clear his head enough to answer it. “You have to use condoms.” He thought about how he was going to ravish Kurt later. “And I don’t want him to rim you. I am definitely going to want to make out with him tonight.”

Dave blushed a deeper red and nodded. “Ok. Um. Kurt wants you to know you can knock if you have bad feelings about any of this, but I guess that’s not really an issue...”

Blaine laughed and contemplated whether it would be worth it at this point to try to cover up. “No, not really.”

“Ok, well.” Dave turned to go back inside.

“Wait!” Blaine swallowed, closed his eyes for a second, and clenched his fist just a little tighter. “Can you leave the door open?”

Dave raised his eyebrows and snorted. He went inside. Blaine heard Kurt’s boisterous laughter, and the door stayed open.

He could hear everything so much more clearly after that. Every word, every gasp, even the rustling of the sheets. He hardly had to guess what was happening anymore because so much of it was being described for him.

“One more finger?”

“Yeah, I can take it.”

“You like that?”

“Yes, yes, just like that.” Dave’s breathing was slow and deep, and he groaned low and long on every exhale. “Ohhh...”

“You’re doing so well, Dave. You’re being so good for me.”

“Thank you, sir. Mmmm... thank you.” Dave’s voice was mostly breath, strained and eager, but so relieved, loose, grateful.

Blaine imagined Dave on all fours, knees apart, four of Kurt’s fingers sliding in and out of his ass, pumping steadily in time with his breath. Maybe stroking himself, or maybe unable to focus on anything but Kurt’s strong, slender fingers, wrapped in a smooth black latex glove, pressing and twisting against his prostate.

Blaine laid back and stroked himself with a contented glow of guilt-free lust, now that he essentially had permission. In his imagination, it was his own hole that Kurt was fingering and stretching, and it felt so good that he slowed his hand to keep from coming so soon, with so much of the show left to hear.

“You want this?”

“Yes, please Kurt, please fuck me -” God, the sound of another man begging Kurt like that, acknowledging Kurt’s power, giving himself over... Blaine struggled not to moan out loud, desperate to hear every word.

“Hm. I don’t know if you deserve it...”

“No -” Dave sounded suddenly panicked, his words quick and needy. “Please, please, what do you want me to do?”

“Hm...” Blaine panted and listened while Kurt pretended to think it over. “Well, I suppose you did stay tied up so beautifully for me while you waited for me to go to the store...”

“It was so hard Kurt, you were gone so long...”

“And you took your punishments well. Didn’t you?”

“Yes sir. I did my best.”

“Maybe you do deserve a little.” Blaine imagined Kurt, perfectly controlled, entering Dave with just the tip of his cock, just the head, restraining himself from thrusting at all for as long as he could bear.

Oh!” Dave shouted out loud. “Oh... Please, more.”

“Like this?”

“Ohhh...” Dave’s low groan was long and drawn out, and Blaine could have sworn he could even hear the faint squelching sound of Kurt’s lubed up cock sliding into place. It could have been his imagination, but it made his heartbeat thud with longing all the same.

“How does that feel?”

“‘S good. Please, more. More.” The mattress started creaking in a quick staccato and Dave’s breaths came harsher and faster. “Oh, oh, yes, fuck -”


“Yes, Kurt, yeah -”

“Louder, Dave. Blaine wants to hear you.”

“Ohh!” Dave’s voice was suddenly loud and unrestrained. “Aah, Kurt -”

Blaine stroked himself faster, chasing his orgasm, spreading his legs as he listened intently.

“Talk to me, Dave.” Kurt’s voice sounded jerky with movement. “Tell me how it feels.”

“Oh, Ohh...”

“Use your words, Dave.”

“It’s so big - It’s too much,” Dave said through panting breaths. “I can’t, I can’t -”

The headboard thudded against the wall again and again, and the sound of skin slapping together had Blaine tumbling closer to the edge.


“God, Kurt, your cock -”

“What do you want?” Kurt demanded.

“Kurt, please, please let me come.”

Suddenly, Kurt called out: “Blaine!”

Blaine opened his eyes wide and gasped, but couldn’t stop urgently stroking his cock. He took a moment to respond. “...Yeah?”

“Can Dave come?”

“Oh, fuck -” Blaine gasped and quivered. A rush of pleasure surged through his body, almost painful in its intensity. He shook as the first spurt of come shot onto his shirt. He held his breath and squeezed his cock and threw his head back as his orgasm tore through him. He managed to call out “No.”

He gripped his cock tight as it pulsed and his heart thumped in his chest. The sound of Dave’s uncontrollable wail burst into the room, long and wild and frantic. Blaine listened and came and moaned.

The fact that Dave was coming accidentally, without permission, made Blaine glow with some new, deeper sense of lust. He did that. He made that happen, by accepting control from Kurt, and refusing to give up that control to Dave. He smiled goofily to himself and tugged on his softening cock with his come-covered fingers. He started looking around for a box of tissues.

Dave shouted “Sorry!” through the open doorway, and Kurt snickered.

“Don’t worry about it!” Blaine laughed out loud. “That’s just what I meant to happen!”


It was late when the phone rang. Late enough that Kurt and Blaine had already finished another round of sex and their nighttime routine and were in bed getting decidedly sleepy. Kurt grabbed the phone off the bedside table. “Hello?”

"Kurt, I was - I need -" Dave sounded breathless and stumbled over his words.

Kurt laughed. "You don't have to call me to jerk off, Dave. That was just a one time thing."

"No, that's not what I meant." Dave chuckled awkwardly. "It's just that I can't sleep."

"Ah. Well what are you thinking about?"

"Stuff. My English test tomorrow. It's gonna suck."

"Aw, you'll be fine.” Kurt yawned and relaxed back onto the bed. “You do great at the assignments."

"I do ok at the assignments. I don't even see why they make math majors take English in the first place. It’s not why I’m here. It doesn't make sense. And if I can't sleep I won't be able to focus, and I’ll do even worse..."

Kurt cut him off. "Dave. Listen to me. Is there anything you need to do to prepare?"

“Well I studied, but I could always study more."

"No you couldn't, because it's bedtime. What do you do at bedtime?"

"Go to bed. But -"

"No buts. You've done everything you need to do. The test isn't until tomorrow, and worrying about it won't make you do better."

There was a pause and a shaky breath on the line. “I know."

"Your only responsibility right now is to sleep. Just sleep well until your alarm goes off. Can you do that?"

"What if I can't stop worrying?"

"You don't need to worry, because I'm going to do the worrying for you. Ok?" Kurt turned his head to look at Blaine, who was snuggled up in the blankets, smiling fondly at him in the dark.

"You will?"

"Yes. Give all your worries to me and I'll take care of them for you tonight."

"Ok. Well.” There was another pause. “I'm worried I won't sleep well, and that I'll be tired tomorrow, and that I won't do well on the test, and that if I fail I'll have to do the class all over again and my whole four year plan will get messed up... Um..."

Kurt waited, his lips curving up in amusement. Dave was adorable. "Is that all of them?"

"I think so."

"Ok. I'll worry about all of that for you, so you don't have to."

"Thank you."

"Now think about something relaxing.” Kurt thought about his own default relaxing thing: date night with Blaine, out at a fancy restaurant, being waited on and just enjoying the smells and flavours of the meal with nowhere else to be. “Let out a big, deep breath,” he said, exhaling as well, and watching as Blaine grinned and did the same. “Notice any tension you might have in your muscles and consciously release it as you breathe in and out.”

He listened to the sound of Dave’s breath, which was deep and long at first, then gradually got more even and light.

"Feel better?"

Dave’s voice was very soft. "Yeah."

"Are you sleepy?"

"Mmm hm."

Kurt smiled, still facing Blaine, and Blaine smiled back. "So, I want you to go to sleep. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes.” Dave yawned. “Thank you sir."

"You're welcome. Have a good sleep."


Kurt was at his favorite diner at lunchtime, texting Blaine, as per usual. You’re crazy. Strawberry lemonade is amaaaazing. So pthhh. :P He hit send and put his phone down just as Dave came bounding across the restaurant toward him with a huge grin on his face. Kurt stood up to hug him and Dave excitedly kissed his lips.

“Guess what!”


“I really did sleep well, and the exam wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected, just like you said.”

“Told you.” Kurt scrunched his face in a smile and hugged Dave tight before they pulled apart to sit across from each other at the table.

Dave bounced a little in his chair. “It was actually kind of easy.”

“I’m so happy for you.” Kurt reached over to squeeze Dave’s hand. “Ooh, let me tell Blaine. He wanted to know how it went.” Kurt pulled his hand back and sent off a quick text. Exam = success! Dave did really well.

Dave leaned forward to take a sip of Kurt’s drink through the straw. “Mmm.”

“Right? Blaine doesn’t like it, but he’s crazy.” Kurt’s phone vibrated with a new text. He read it, then turned it around to show Dave. WOOOO Go Dave! Rule #1: Kurt is always right.

Dave laughed. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Kurt rolled his eyes. “Sure you could. All I did was tell you to go to sleep.”

Dave reached over to touch Kurt’s face and make him hold his gaze. “I’m serious. Thank you so much for all your help. You make my life so much better.”

Kurt sat there open mouthed for a moment, unable to think of a response. Then he bashfully shook his head and looked down at his menu. “You know, if you haven’t had the glazed salmon, you should try it.”

Dave chuckled. “Kurt...”

“No really, it’s good. Trust me.”

Dave leaned across the table to kiss him one more time. He grinned. “Ok. I trust you.”
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