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I basically loved everything about that episode.

It’s Time was so sweet. JUMPROPE OMG. The plastic cup percussion. Blaine surprising Kurt and Kurt being embarrassed. The song itself.

If I’m remembering correctly, Unique in one scene was dressed in masculine clothes with make up and no wig, which gives me A LOT OF FEELINGS. When she’s dressed completely femininely, she talks about herself in third person to let everyone know “I’m going by Unique, not Wade, right now, okay?” When he’s dressed in a completely masculine way, he’s more quiet and meek. And sometimes he combines the two styles into one look, and I’m actually really happy about that, just seeing that happen on TV. <3 <3 <3

Rachel redeemed herself a lot in this episode for me. I found her relatable and enjoyed her plot. And I kind of enjoy that it’s completely unclear to me whether she and Finn got back together over the summer, or whether she’s completely delusional (or lying) about it when she says “This picture is of Finn, my boyfriend.”

I really like Marley, Jake, and Brody so far. I’m already a lot more impressed with them than I was with season 3’s newly introduced characters. I’m intrigued to see what will happen with Jake.

I think the new mean characters (Kitty, the new jocks, Rachel’s dance instructor) are a really good idea. The school has needed new mean popular kids for a while, to keep the mean kids/nice kids dynamic going, and I’m hopeful that the dance instructor will take some of the burden of being an irrational jerk for a while so Sue doesn’t have to, because it seems like they want her to be nice, and it doesn’t really work when she tries to be both.


Heeeeee Blaine is the new Rachel. *gigglefit* Competitive snarky sassy Blaine was a lot of fun. I’m interested to see how his relationship with Unique will go. Will they continue to compete? Will they ignore each other? Will they be friends? I was disappointed that Blaine told her not to wear make up except on stage. On one hand, it seemed like he was just trying to protect her from being made fun of, but on the other hand, his advice to Kurt had always been to stand up to people, never to change himself or tone down his wardrobe. Hmmm…

My only sadface over this episode (until I rewatch?) is that Tina and Mike broke up. D: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Mike left town and they were never a huge focus of the show. But still. I had such high hopes.

I predict that this will be a pro-Kurt&Blaine&Unique&Jake&Tina blog this year. :D
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