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Rating: NC17
Spoilers: 4x04
Word count: ~1250
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: Kurt and Blaine figure out a way to make Blaine feel like he's getting the attention he needs even when Kurt is too busy to talk.
Warnings: Orgasm control, sexting, masturbation with and without toys, discussion of infidelity and temptation
Posted on kurt_blaine and gleedsm

Blaine: Were you serious when you said I can only come from now on if I ask for your permission first?
Blaine: Kurt?
Kurt: Of course.
Blaine: Really? You just took half an hour to respond.
Kurt: Yes really. Ask every time please.
Blaine: But what if you don't reply right away?
Kurt: Then you wait.
Blaine: Half an hour?
Kurt: Or longer.
Blaine: But what if I'm already kind of... In the middle of things?
Kurt: Then you make it last. Just hold off, as long as it takes.
Blaine. ...Wow.
Blaine: But what if you don't reply and I have to stop and leave the house?
Kurt: Then you get to spend a whole day thinking about what a relief it'll be when you finally get to come.
Kurt: If I let you.
Blaine: Um.
Blaine: Can I come right now? Because I'm kind of turned on now.
Kurt: Yes. Thank you for asking. :)
Blaine: Wow. OMG.
Blaine: That was fantastic. You're amazing. And you weren't even here. Lol
Kurt: :D
Blaine: xo
Kurt: xo
Blaine: Can I come in the shower this morning?
Kurt: Yes but then you have to wait until tomorrow to come again.
Blaine: Deal.
Kurt: Have fun. I'll be thinking about you.
Blaine: I love you.
Kurt: I love you too.
Blaine: I keep thinking about the fact that I'm not allowed to come tonight. It's kind of strangely hot.
Blaine: Kurt?
Kurt: Mwahahaha.
Blaine: You're mean.
Kurt: You love me.
Blaine: Yeah I do.
Blaine: Made it to bedtime without breaking the rules.
Kurt: I'm proud of you. You did very well.
Kurt: I assume you're asleep. You're allowed to come in the morning.
Kurt: Good job today. Love you. Xo
Blaine: Did you mean it when you said I should tell you everything, even if it's bad?
Blaine: Kurt?
Blaine: I guess I'll just say it.
Blaine: Actually maybe this is better. I can just get through telling you without you reacting.
Blaine: Ok.
Blaine: Here goes.
Blaine: Eli invited me over again. I'm kind of tempted.
Blaine: I mostly just like that he compliments me and gives me attention.
Blaine: But there would also be kissing and touching
Blaine: obviously
Blaine: And I really miss that.
Blaine: But I know I'll feel horrible afterward.
Blaine: And anyway last time it was frustrating. It wasn't you, and it didn't have that intimacy that we have, which is part of what I wanted
Blaine: It was like a bandaid on a stab wound.
Blaine: But if I don't go, I'll be by myself at home thinking about how I'm not kissing anyone.
Blaine: I guess I could ask Sam over. We could watch a movie.
Blaine: But what if you're free to talk while he's over and I miss you?
Blaine: Anyway, I guess that's all. I don't know what else to say.
Kurt: Thank you for telling me.
Blaine: Oh, wow. You're there. How long have you been there?
Kurt: A while. You said it would be easier if I didn't react.
Blaine: So... What do you think?
Blaine: Kurt?
Blaine: I'm dying here.
Kurt: Sorry phone ringing off the hook
Kurt: Not mad
Kurt: I'm glad you told me. I'd rather know than be in the dark. It makes me feel a lot better to know what’s going on with you.
Kurt: You should hang out with Sam tonight. It’ll be fun. Have a good time, stop worrying about things.
Kurt: And I want you to know you're very very sexy, and smart, and brave, and I'm very proud of you.
Blaine: Thank you Kurt.
Blaine: You're going to make me cry in math.
Kurt: Don't cry. And don't text in class! Go. Have a good day. I'll talk to you later. Xo
Blaine: xo
Blaine: Can I come?
Kurt: Did anything sexy happen tonight?
Blaine: What do you mean?
Kurt: Did you get to undress Sam again? ;)
Blaine: No.
Kurt: That was a joke. You're not laughing.
Blaine: Eli texted me a few times.
Kurt: What did he say?
Blaine: He called me hot.
Kurt: Well you are.
Blaine: He said I have a gorgeous ass.
Kurt: That's true.
Blaine: Are you mad?
Kurt: What did you say?
Blaine: I didn't reply.
Kurt: Good boy.
Kurt: Then you can come.
Blaine: Omg finally.
Kurt: LOL
Blaine: Thank you.
Kurt: Love you xo
Blaine: xo
Blaine: Can I come?
Blaine: Kurt?
Blaine: You’re not there?
Blaine: Fuck.
Blaine: Kurt please look at your phone.
Blaine: I have no idea if you’re busy or ignoring me.
Blaine: Maybe you’re making me wait.
Blaine: Why is that so hot?
Blaine: Maybe you’re in a meeting and you have no idea I’m on my knees on my bed, sinking down onto my dildo over and over
Blaine: The big thick one
Blaine: It feels so good Kurt.
Blaine: It’s so big
Blaine: Or maybe you’re in a meeting and you can read what I’m saying but you can’t answer.
Blaine: Maybe I should stop telling you what’s happening
Blaine: Or maybe you want me to
Blaine: Do you want to know how good this feels?
Blaine: How hard I am?
Blaine: How it’s taking so long waiting for you I have to keep adding lube and it’s slippery making a mess dripping down the dildo to the sheets
Blaine: I’m so sensitive I can hardly touch myself
Blaine: Kurt please tell me I can come
Blaine: I’m so glad I’m alone and I can be as loud as I want
Blaine: I’m going to be so sore
Blaine: I can’t do anything but squeeze down around it. I’ve almost come so many times.
Blaine: If I don’t come soon I’m going to die.
Blaine: Kurt I need you
Blaine: Please please please
Blaine: It feels so good
Blaine: It’s so big
Blaine: So intense
Blaine: Kurt
Kurt: OMG!
Blaine: Oh thank god
Kurt: Blaine! *reading as fast as I can*
Blaine: Kurt please
Blaine: please
Kurt: Yes you can come
Kurt: Do it
Blaine: f
Blaine: jmjkmhm
Blaine: Oops.
Blaine: I came on my phone. That was me trying to clean it off.
Kurt: LOL
Kurt: You dork
Blaine: Kurt, that was amazing. I think that was the most incredible orgasm of my life.
Kurt: :D
Blaine: I’m so glad I listened to you.
Kurt: Me too. Wow. That was hot.
Blaine: I love you so much.
Kurt: I love you too. Thank you for being so patient.
Blaine: xo
Kurt: Call you later xo
Kurt: Ok! I did it!
Kurt: My column is done. The office is closed. Rachel is out of the apartment.
Kurt: I have the whole evening to myself.
Kurt: Please tell me you’re free.
Blaine: I’m here! I’m free!
Kurt: Oh good.
Kurt: By my estimation you owe me five orgasms.
Kurt: And I plan to cash them all in tonight.
Blaine: Skype date? :D
Kurt: Skype date. xo
Blaine: Logging in, just a sec...
Kurt: Hurry up. It’s been way too long.
Blaine: Or maybe I’ll just make you wait. ;P
Kurt: You’re mean.
Blaine: You love me.
Kurt: Yeah.
Kurt: I really really do. :D
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