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I basically loved everything about that episode.

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GUYS! GUYS! I'M GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO PRIDE! Do any of you live there? And/or are any of you going for Pride? I'll be there from Wednesday the 20th to Sunday the 24th. Wanna meet up?! :D :D :D ZOMG YAY!
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My thread

You can anonymously give love and compliments to people! And you can start your own thread to receive some love too! The only rule is that there's no negativity allowed, which I personally think should be the rule for all situations 99% of the time anyway. Spread the word! :)
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I very much enjoyed this gifset which I saw on Tumblr, and so I made a little soundtrack for it. :)

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To the anon who left me this comment:

Cut for people who don't want to see rudeness or judgment on their friend feed )

PS IP logging is now on for anons. My apologies to the other anons, who have been perfectly nice thus far!
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I don't need a beta, per se, as these stories aren't for contests or gifts or anything. I'd just like to have someone look things over and make sure they make sense, and that the stories are effective and the smut is hot. I can trade my own beta services in exchange!

There is only one story that's almost done, and everything else is either not started or has very little done. So this is more of a future thing than a right now thing. But please let me know if any of these plots appeal to you in a way that makes you go "Man, I want to check that for continuity errors!" :)

I'd love to have a whole bunch of people pick different stories. I'd also love a cheerleader - someone who doesn't necessarily correct errors, but just follows a comment fic to say "YAAAY!" and poke me if I take too long posting.

- Blaine is Kurt's sex slave - [ profile] cirennie
- Chapter four of It's a Lot Like Life (Dave/Kurt, Kurt/Blaine, poly, D/s) - [ profile] wowbright
- Blaine and Brittany's time machine
- Kurt accidentally sleeps with the guy his boyfriend has been cheating on him with
- Warren/Tia, Warren/Reese, poly, genderfun - [ profile] wowbright later?
Less important/not really started yet:
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Thank you in advance! :D
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meme time!
Post a list of your document file names from your WIP folder, no matter how stupid/non-descriptive they are. Everyone else can ask questions and get a snippet/one-sentence from the fic in return.

Warren and Reese
It's a Lot Like Life
Kartie Bodymapping
Chaperone AU
Time Machine
Homeless Blaine
Hesitate No More
Punishment Safeword
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So apparently my subconscious ships Artie and Cooper because that's what I dreamed about last night. LOL.
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GUYS! GUYS! If I go to Vancouver at the end of May to watch StarKid do their thing, does someone want to meet me there and flail with me and have super awesome fun times? :D :D :D
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Jamie wanna see the most inappropriate thing I've ever seen an internet celebrity do?
[Screencap of Tyler Oakley's Facebook page on which the main image is what appears to be a screencap of a tweet from Darren Criss saying "@tyleroakley sit on my face."]
Husband haha wtf
Husband and you deny he's gay :P
Jamie no no that didn't actually happen
Husband suuuure
Jamie it was inappropriate on the part of tyler oakley to put it on his facebook
Husband unless it really happened
Husband picture darren criss posting it and then going "OH FUCK DALLLLLEEEEEETE"
Jamie I don't think you understand how many Darren Criss stalkers I follow on Tumblr
Jamie If it actually happened, even if it was only there for a second, everyone would know
Jamie lol
Jamie You'd be really good at fanfiction
Husband I know, right? I prefer to use my powers for good though
Husband who's tyler oakley anyways? :P
Jamie That celebrity blogger I've mentioned a few times
Jamie He's actually met Darren Criss, which I'm pretty sure makes it even more inappropriate
Husband unless it really happened IN PERSON
Jamie hahaha
Jamie you're fun
Husband I know
Husband :)

Jamie btw I posted our conversation on my livejournal
Husband heh
Husband I should go tell people it didn't really happen. Just like that Darren Criss conversation ;)
Jamie hahaha


Jan. 11th, 2012 03:17 pm
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My metamour gave me a Kurt/Blaine (and Darren and Chris) desk calendar for Christmas (one of those custom ones where they make you promise you really do have copyrights for all the pictures, hahahaha) and it really is kind of ridiculous how happy it makes me to look over every now and then throughout the day and see Darren's gorgeous self. Also, because she's hilarious, she also put in custom dates in some of the boxes, like March 15 - "Kurt and Blaine's 1 year anniversary" and November 8 - "One year anniversary of Kurt and Blaine getting it on!" Coincidentally, I also got her a Darren Criss calendar, because clearly we're both geniuses. :D
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Because's PM system doesn't allow links.

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This looks like fun!

Tell me a character and I'll tell you

1. My OTP for them
2. A person of the same sex I ship them with
3. A person of the opposite sex I ship them with
4. An uncommon person I ship them with
5. A ship with them I don’t care for

I got this from inlovewithcolfer on Tumblr. And I can do mostly Glee, but also Buffy, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Community, Firefly... :)
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I have come to a decision about pronouns. :)

In real life I use female pronouns and have a female name (which can't be abbreviated to anything masculine, argh) and even though I don't identify with the name or pronouns, it seems like it would be a huge hassle to change it at this point. Especially since my gender presentation has become quite feminine over time. It would be confusing for people, and I'd have to constantly inform/remind them about my preference, and ugh.

But in this corner of the internet, I have noticed a couple things: When I'm referred to as "she" I feel kind of uncomfortable. (Please don't feel bad if you've done this! I'm not mad or anything!) When I'm referred to as "zie" I feel happy. I'm not certain how I would feel if I was referred to as "he" because it doesn't happen.

I would like to make it official: I want to go by gender-neutral pronouns here on LJ (zie/zir/zirs or they/them/theirs). If you forget or you find gender-neutral pronouns super awkward to use or something, male pronouns would be preferable to female ones.

I have also chosen the first name Jamie for myself. Thank you in advance!

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Ok, everyone needs to go watch this week's episode of Community right now! It's a parody of Glee and it's hilarious. I'm pretty sure you don't need to have seen any Community to get it. Seriously. Just go. You won't be disappointed.

:D :D :D
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I didn't get to watch Glee until Thursday this week. (Well, I could have, but my Glee-watching buddy was unavailable, and it's not as fun alone.) so for two days, I avoided both Livejournal and Tumblr in an attempt to remain sort of unspoiled. By the time I got back, there was SO MUCH fic to read that I'm still not caught up. I don't know if you guys were extra prolific this week, or if that's normally what missing two days will do, but I've got a bajillion tabs open of things I'd like to read eventually. It's crazy.

I also have three WIPs on the go, and this is not ok in my OCD brain. They are INCOMPLETE. One of them you haven't seen yet because it's my holiday exchange fic and won't be posted until the at least the 11th. I'm working on it right now and hope to finish it tomorrow. I'm quite close to the end now and I'm very proud of myself. It's been a real challenge. But by the time I get back to What It Feels Like For a Girl, no one will remember what it's about. I think from now on I'll make as many of my stories one-shots as possible. Even if they're 20,000 word one-shots. That will be much easier to handle I think.

I'm still very flaily about my stance on RPF. I don't know why I can't make a decision on this. I keep thinking of adorable and/or sexy things for Darren and Chris to do, and going "Oh, eesh, they're real people and that is so squicky and creepy." But anyway I'm astounded that, based on the comments I've seen, no one seems to think about that Dress & Tie song the way I do. Darren sings background on it but doesn't change the pronouns, so he sings exactly what the lead singer does, which is "I'll wear that dress if you wear that tie." HOW IS THIS NOT A FIC YET? Surely I can't be the only one who cares if Darren Criss offers to wear a dress in exchange for someone else getting dressed up in formal menswear. Surely.

Ok, that's all for now. Back to the grindstone. ♥!
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I'm getting concerned about my Klaine holiday exchange fic. Why am I such a slow writer? Why did I plan such a long story? I believe I'm about one quarter to one third done. I've hit a very slight bump where I have to decide something very minor and my brain is like "Ok! Stopping here! Might as well put your feet up and watch tv for a while..." And like an idiot, I wrote a totally different story yesterday, when the plan had been to spend the day writing the exchange fic.

Sorry for angsting at you guys. I'm sure it's fine. And worst case scenario, I can just take a big smut scene I've already written, remove any elements of plot, and call it done. LOL. (Ok I probably won't do that. But I could. I'm just saying.)

I wrote two short fills for the kurt_blaine One Sentence Meme the other day, and also posted a related hilarious conversation in the comments. Check out my cranky wedding and Thanksgiving traditions fills. One is angsty (but rhymes!) and the other is sappy. Enjoy!

Unrelatedly, I started this journal just to read and write fic, and I was going to remain emotionally unattached to it, which is why I picked such a silly name for it. But I seem to have accidentally gotten myself involved in a community, and I really like you guys. And now I feel all connected to the people I talk to on here. Thanks a lot, jerks. Way to trap me in a stupidly-named journal forever. By being all nice. *eyeroll*

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Me: I have sad news about the next episode of Glee though
Steph: oh noes :(
Me: I'm pretty sure it's going to be fairly offensive
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Me: Some days I really want to be famous JUST to take part in fanbaiting
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I just read this blog post and its comments:

It's about Glee trying to normalize gay sex and make it seem as much like straight sex as possible, and it's also about the idea that sexuality is really very different for queers, and how you define sex, and virginity, and how first times generally work. Now I'm having thinky thoughts.

spoilers for 3x05 )

This is where things get TMI. To this day, I think of my first time as the first time my partner gave me sexual pleasure by touching my genitals. I don't even really remember when the first time I had penetrative sex happened, because it wasn't really a huge step and it didn't blow my mind in the same way. I'm hearing a lot of talk about how straight people and queer people think about virginity differently, and I don't know if that's true, but maybe I think of it the way I do because I'm queer? Even though my first partner was cis male and I'm cis female?

That first time, we were enacting a fantasy of me being with a woman, so the actual actions we went through were probably the same as if I'd actually been with a woman. But now I'm led to understand that most straight people probably wouldn't have thought of that event as being "the first time." Which is confusing for me. Does that mean they wouldn't think of it as being very special? Would they not walk around all the next day with a spring in their step and a blush on their cheeks, feeling excited and scandalous and weirdly powerful with the memory of that new experience? Because I sure did. It was awesome. But I don't think I got those same feelings from penetrative sex. It was just another way to fit our bodies together, and special for that reason but not for being a more important or more intimate act.

Hm. I should stop thinking about this and get to work probably. But I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on this, and whether you think like I do. :)


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