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I don't need a beta, per se, as these stories aren't for contests or gifts or anything. I'd just like to have someone look things over and make sure they make sense, and that the stories are effective and the smut is hot. I can trade my own beta services in exchange!

There is only one story that's almost done, and everything else is either not started or has very little done. So this is more of a future thing than a right now thing. But please let me know if any of these plots appeal to you in a way that makes you go "Man, I want to check that for continuity errors!" :)

I'd love to have a whole bunch of people pick different stories. I'd also love a cheerleader - someone who doesn't necessarily correct errors, but just follows a comment fic to say "YAAAY!" and poke me if I take too long posting.

- Blaine is Kurt's sex slave - [ profile] cirennie
- Chapter four of It's a Lot Like Life (Dave/Kurt, Kurt/Blaine, poly, D/s) - [ profile] wowbright
- Blaine and Brittany's time machine
- Kurt accidentally sleeps with the guy his boyfriend has been cheating on him with
- Warren/Tia, Warren/Reese, poly, genderfun - [ profile] wowbright later?
Less important/not really started yet:
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Thank you in advance! :D
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1) Boots sequel
2) Kitty sequel
3) Naked sequel
4) Hummelcest or Andercest
5) Dolls
6) Warren/Reese roleplay
7) Warren/Reese FWB (In progress)
8) Somnophilia
9) Ladychat
10) Finish 'For a Girl' goddammit
11) Facials
12) Bondage
13) Asexual
14) Poly (in progress)
15) Warren/Reese Reading fanfic
16) Kurt/Dave D/s (in progress)
17) Klaine exchange
18) 3x05 fully clothed sex
19) Dave/Sebastian angst
20) Dave/Brittany angst Written by Wowbright
21) Punishment/safeword
22) Spin the bottle
23) Watersports
24) Seklaine family visit
25) Blaine tempted by Sebastian
26) Artie bodymapping
27) Blaine/Sam fanvid song
28) Drugged Blaine/secret admirer
29) Blaine and masculinity/clothes
30) Chaperone!AU
31) Blaine sells virginity
32) Blaine and Brittany's time machine
33) Homeless Blaine
34) Hesitate No More
35) Kurt/Blaine/Sebastian/Chandler long distance/poly


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