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Rating: NC17
Spoilers: None
Word count: ~1700
Characters/pairings: Kurt/Sebastian, UST Blaine/Kurt, Finn, background New Directions
Summary: Kurt's owner Sebastian does something to make sure it's clear to everyone that Kurt is claimed, and it drives Kurt crazy all day. AU in which sex and nudity are not private and owner/slave relationships are commonplace (BDSM, not actual slavery). Written for this prompt.
Warnings: Sex, language, long term butt plug play, public sex and nudity, sexual frustration, master/slave dynamic... uh, I think that's all.
Thank you to [ profile] cirennie for betaing!

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This weekend I had lots of fun filling prompts in the Trans* Glee One Sentence Meme on [ profile] glee_genderplay! (People request stories, and the requests have to be one sentence or less, and the stories have to involve at least one character being MTF, FTM, genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, pangender, agender, transgender, transsexual, intersexed...) Here are all my fills. Don't worry, they're pretty short!

Written for the prompt: Kurtofsky FtM Dave - Growing first chest hair on hormones.
Characters: Kurt/Dave
Rating: PG13

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Written for the prompt: Anderberry twins - both were born boys.
Characters: Blaine, Rachel
Rating: G

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Written for the prompt: MTF!Puck, Puck/Santana friendship - Santana was the one that held her hand when she came out (to Mrs Puckerman or the glee club).
Characters: Santana, Puck, Mrs Puckerman
Rating: PG13

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Written for the prompt: Kurtbastian - I want crossdressing!Sebastian and self-loathing, with Kurt making him feel better.
Characters: Sebastian/Kurt
Rating: PG13

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Written for the prompt: Bigendered!Sam, Supportive Finn - Finn, being the only one who knows about Sam(antha), goes shopping with him for women's clothing.
Characters: Sam, Finn, OFC
Rating: G

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Written for the prompt: FTM!Sebastian/Karofsky - first time naked in front of each other (touching okay, no sex)
Characters: Sebastian/Dave
Rating: T

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