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Guess what I forgot to post a loooong time ago! The story I wrote for the kb_holidays fic exchange! I slaved over it for like two months, and then it was posted on the kb_holidays community and I forgot to post it here. Oops. :)

Title: Feel Like The World Just Got Lighter
Recipient: Shia9
Author/Artist: likeasouffle
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, language, jealousy, angst, subtle homophobia
Word Count: 7048
Summary: Blaine has written a love song as a Christmas gift, and Kurt is SO EXCITED. But is the song really for Kurt, or is it for someone else?
Thank you so much to [ profile] reremouse for beta reading for me! I really appreciate it! :D

The Thursday before Christmas, Kurt is still blissfully content in his relationship, and it hasn't occurred to him yet to worry whether Blaine might love someone else. )
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Rating: PG
Word count: Like, less than 200. Just a little fluffy idea that came to me in the shower.
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Description: Kurt watches strippers and texts Blaine about it.

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Recently I made the following complaint to [ profile] wowbright: "I really require a whole fic about that spin-the-bottle game because they only showed TWO KISSES WTH? Need more kisses! Who did Kurt kiss? THIS IS INFORMATION I NEEEED." [ profile] wowbright replied "Um, I TOTALLY want you to write that fic." This is that fic.

Rating: T
Spoilers: 2x14
Word count: ~1000
Pairings: Kurt/Mercedes kisses, Kurt/Mike kisses, one-sided Kurt/Blaine, references to past one-sided Kurt/Finn
Warnings: Language, slight angst
Summary: Kurt's list of people he's kissed in his life increases by two, but Rachel's party is still unsatisfying on a number of levels.

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