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I have received not one but TWO stories written FOR ME in the last two days! I'm feeling so privileged and spoiled right now. Seriously. This is awesome! I'm so grateful! :D

[ profile] wowbright wrote a 6000 word fill for my prompt wherein Blaine is intensely turned on by Sebastian's dirty talk and then Kurt pounds Blaine into the mattress just like Sebastian described. Spoiler warning: It's smokin' hot.
Cover Me

[ profile] pilgrimkitty wrote a much longer fill than my simple little prompt warranted. Tina is a good kitty and Mike rewards her with her collar, scritches, and hot hot sex. (Human BDSM petplay, not supernatural.) It's very sweet and adorable.
Kitten was a Good Girl

And to top it all off, I found out my story Naked Around You has been recommended on several people's Tumblrs! Here's the one that made me laugh the most. The tags are #so freaking good #this is what i did with my afternoon instead of cleaning #that and masturbation #so i call that a good afternoon. LOL! :D

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I finished the edits on my holiday exchange story and sent it in! Yaaaaay! Thank you so much to [ profile] reremouse for beta reading, and to [ profile] wowbright and [ profile] judearaya for cheering me on.

And then I looked at my friends list and [ profile] pilgrimkitty had written me a sexy little drabble! It's about Blaine crossdressing. Because that is always a good thing.

I'm filing this post under "!filled.prompts" even though I didn't ask for it. Because it was written for meeeeee.

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[ profile] little_lemur filled one of my prompts! The original prompt is here and the story is here. It's about Blaine roleplaying as a werewolf because it's a fantasy of Kurt's. There's biting and wall sex! Check it out! :D :D
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[ profile] cirennie filled one of my prompts! OMG YAY! It's my first prompt fill so I'm very excited, and on top of that it's very hot. :D :D

I requested Kurt giving Blaine a facial, and Blaine being a total sub. And that's what I got. UNF.

The original prompt is here, and the story is here. Check it out!

[ profile] slashanddash, I know you were thinking of filling this, but don't worry, I have absolutely no problem with multiple fills. ;)


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